MA Access to Justice Commission Update – November 25, 2019


November 25, 2019


Upcoming ATJ Commission Meeting Tuesday, December 3 from 3-5 pm in the Social Law Library at the Adams Courthouse in Boston

Agenda items include:

  • Justice For All Consumer Debt Pilot Project and Lessons Learned
  • Justice For All Housing Pilot and Lessons Learned
  • Consumer Debt Working Group Updates
  • Housing Working Group Updates
  • Access to Attorneys and Fee Shifting Discussion

We look forward to seeing you there.


Where a Lawyer Makes All the Difference – And Only One Side Has One: Adjartey and the Urgent Need for Court Reform and a Right to Counsel in Eviction Cases

We are delighted to share a recent Boston Bar Journal article, written by Commissioners Esme Caramello, Joel Feldman and Geraldine Gruvis-Pizarro, staff attorney with the Volunteer Lawyers Project, that highlights the need for reform in housing court: