Massachusetts awarded one of seven Justice For All grants

Massachusetts was awarded one of seven Justice For All grants (also known to some of us as the 100% access initiative grants) from the Public Welfare Foundation.  It was a competitive process, with twenty-five states applying for such funding.  The grant proposal contemplated the development of a strategic action plan for improving access to justice in Massachusetts, done in a collaborative manner involving all stakeholders. 

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Special thanks to those commissioners and staff who worked on the 100% committee with us over the summer so that we could be in the position of submitting a winning proposal:  Tony Doninger, Ann Leavenworth, Marilyn Wellington, Judge Fein, Joel Feldman, David Rosenberg, Erika Rickard, Jacqui Bowman, Russell Engler, Gerry Singsen, and Chip Phinney. 

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